World's first Nokia 8110 4G jailbreak

Looking for a a way of jailbreaking without patching /system partition (which might break updates) and mandatory SD card usage? Download standalone OmniSD package and follow the instructions section. If the download doesn't work, please use this mirror.

What does it do?

First, this jailbreak enables developer menu in the Device tab of Settings. Second, it disables navigator.mozApps.mgmt.import method package signature checks. Third, it installs an OmniSD utility for you to be able to install KaiOS apps from /sdcard/downloads or /sdcard/apps folders.

How to install

Note that you will need Firefox 52.9 ESR (with working WebIDE) and ADB set up to do this. Your data will also be wiped during the process.

  1. Update the phone to the recent firmware available.
  2. Dial the *#*#33284#*#* (*#*#debug#*#*) secret code with your keypad. A bug icon should appear in the system taskbar above.
  3. Connect the phone via ADB. If WebIDE does not see it, run adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/local/debugger-socket command and then set WebIDE to connect to "Remote Runtime" at the localhost:6000 address. If an error message about build date mismatch appears, you can safely ignore it. If the connection doesn't work, try rebooting the phone, running adb forward command and connecting again.
  4. Download and unpack the standalone OmniSD package from the URL above. Select its folder in the "Open packaged app" of WebIDE.
  5. Run OmniSD with green triangle from WebIDE.
  6. If everything is fine, press # when the utility is run and confirm the prompt to run the privileged factory reset.
  7. After the reset is complete, "Developer" menu should appear in the "Device" tab of Settings. Enable debugger in the "ADB and DevTools" mode or use *#*#debug#*#* code once again.
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 5, and OmniSD will be installed on your phone and ready to accept the app packages.

What is the app format accepted by OmniSD?

OmniSD accepts app packages in the .zip format. An archive must contain file (with the actual WebIDE-compatible KaiOS/FFOS app), update.webapp file (can be empty but must be present) and metadata.json file in the following format: {"version": 1, "manifestURL": "app://[your_app_id]/manifest.webapp"}, where [your_app_id] has to be replaced with the actual ID (origin) of your app registered in the manifest, and manifest.webapp has to be renamed if it's called differently in the archive. Other than that, the application structure in must match the general KaiOS and Firefox OS app structure (see here for more details).